This is how the story goes

Everything happens during the winter holidays of 1974. Something strange is happening in a remote town of Buenos Aires. Neighbours behave stranger than usual, the animals are constipated and some people claim to have seen strange lights in the sky…

The truth is that on holidays, nights just feel longer…It is the perfect place to test the tenacity and ingenuity of members of Sol 705, a student club dedicated to the research of extra-terrestrial phenomena and face even more improbable challenges such as establishing contact with any member of the opposite sex!

Get ready for a new breed of heroes!

Be part of an adventure that will take them from a lost town without future to the icy waters in the south of the world. But there is a problem: we will have only a few days to solve the mystery before hell bells ring and they have to come back to school…only 7 days to solve an intergalactic conflict!

  • Psychedelic and progressive Pop Rock soundtrack
  • An unmatched decadent sociocultural atmosphere
  • Super dangerous mini rockets contests where you can lose an eye!

In a time of alienating mysteries…

No need for any knowledge prior to networks nets to be part of this adventure… solutions are at your intelligence’s reach! Get your hands into hard evidence to make the redhead next door notice you exist!Discover what is hidden in the coast business of used magazines. You can go on for a week without taking a shower!

  • Get your hands into hard evidence to make the redhead next door notice you exist!
  • Discover what is hidden in the coast business of used magazines.
  • You can go on for a week without taking a shower!

Tucana Lake: our hometown

Be part of a crappy town wanting to be Melrose Place and failing miserably!
Some of the dozens of locations you’ll find in the game are:

This week’s character is: Professor Romaniuk!

Born in the distant lands of Croatia, young Rufus Bognoli Miloslav attends primary school in a rural school shortly before emigrating to Argentina. They are in fact the only formal studies that have been recognized even if his diploma was lost during the trip. His absence from the cloisters was no impediment to amass a fortune thanks to his role as a host for children’s TV shows. By 1965, the eccentric researcher had dedicated to publishing a series of best sellers on ufology under the pseudonym Romaniuk and they are IT. Haunted by fame, he took refuge in a western town of Buenos Aires to disappear from the public scene.

Some locals claim to have seen Romaniuk illegally racing his solar car on Sunday afternoons. This fantastic vehicle was built by none other than the great Argentine inventor, a token of his admiration. Other sources claim that actually Romaniuk stole it from a barbecue party.

Taking advantage of his skills as a concierge, the Professor is currently responsible for up keeping the Emilio Castelar Astronomical Centre while he enjoys the facilities to create his daring inventions and write at least four weekly pages of his new book, which he’s already received an advance.

Development diaries

Wanna know more about the creative process? There you go!


Sol705 uses a prodigious open source engine specifically created for graphic adventures: Adventure Bladecoder Engine!

After months of searching and many headaches after testing the different adventures editors available, at the last minute, we found this wonderful open source, which not only offers many more features than their peers- free and paid- but it also gives us the ability to take the game to most of the platforms available today.

All details about its characteristics can be found on the official website of the author: Rafael Garcia

Bladecoder engine


Sol 705 main them was written and performed by Chris Wickham

The game soundtrack is composed by our favourite group: Los Hiroshima Dandys. Each track emerged from the amazing little keyboard of his alma mater Pablo ‘Mambo’ Rivas!

The Hiroshima are a band from the city of Buenos Aires who are currently recording a new EP. Turn into a fan after watching their productions on YouTube!

Hiroshima Dandys Brisa

Hiroshima Dandys Ocho Horas

Check them out!

Hiroshima Dandys


Our idea is to provide the best graphic support adventure. To achieve this, we have a small but talented team of artists from around the world.

25 Original characters and counting

2 Playable characters

42 Handmade illustrated locations

More than 200 sprites styled animations

Intriguing analogue puzzles and dialogues even in weird languages like Esperanto!

The adventure can be enjoyed in three of the world’s most popular languages: English, Spanish and…French.

French makes us very European, you know, people from the Old Continent love P&C adventures! (and mostly because German is really hard)

Blowing-mind english translations provided by Gino Toti


We are doing everything possible to put this little game in all existing devices…but things take time.

For now, we saw all Turbo Pascal tutorials we found and took off with versions for Unicef Walkmans and Gelosso bodkins..

  • iPhone / Android

    The game will be available in both versions. And it looks gorgeous!

  • Mac

    Sol 705 runs in Osx Sierra and El Capitan. Aye Aye!


    Windows 7 and 10 compatible. No worries!

Meeno Stucco

Meeno Stucco

The main character...or kinda

With his musical curls but unable to play two chords in a row. The best thing he could do is download torrent but since internet hasn’t been invented yet, that’s a non-existent talent. He’s a disaster at school and his parents are onto him..



The neighbour next door

She has a « Scully » style but is even more bitter than her. She basically likes no one, let alone curly guys

Rufus Romaniuk

Rufus Romaniuk

Self-taught UFO autorithy

Professor Rufus Romaniuk is a self-taught inventor, but mostly a person to avoid. He is currently in hiding and away from media and fan harassment.



A misterious fellow

A cat with unusual skills. He can levitate the stones in the litterbox and make super complex simulations such as galactic clusters y DNA sequences with just an slight smell of piss!.

Lena Haggen

Lena Haggen

She’s good enough

Lena has an inexplicably post-punk look way ahead of his time.At first glance, it looks like she’s a renegade school student but their talents hide more than one surprise….



Bass player and trustly friend

His musical talents are directly proportional to his height (around 62 inches) , but when it gets complicated…he puts his claws in the matter and some high heels!



Four legs ally

Looks like an ordinary pooch but he’s got something hidden between his eyebrows besides a flea circus. He’s got the weird habit of rubbing his nose against the fences…yikes!

Because nostalgia ain’t what it used to be…!

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